Are Mitch McConnell’s Zombie Hands The Result of An Undead Soul?

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Mitch McConnell hands
Mitch McConnell’s hands and facial bruising have lead to speculations that the Senate majority leader is in poor health.

As the Republican controlled Senate literally laughs at every day Americans fighting to keep finances, livelihood and health intact as the coronavirus continues to impact every aspect of life, it is easy to see politicians as subhuman.

Surely, it takes a special sort of undead, inhuman soul to try to destroy insurance coverage for 133 million Americans during a historic pandemic.

The fact of the matter is that despite the careless depravity being seen in Washington, the people behind the policy are not evil zombies, reptilians or anything of the sort.

They are human beings who are cruel enough to put political strategy above the life of Americans.  They are willing to extort the American people and support a president who lies and repeatedly flicks excrement at American integrity with each and every dog whistle blown to hate groups that America’s forefathers went to war against.

Mitch McConnell is an old man and as us old men are wont to do, may be on blood thinners to prevent stroke or may have had a fall.  Who knows?  Medical privacy is supposed to be a personal thing, unless apparently you are a woman who a new Supreme Court justice may say ‘Your womb is McConnell’s business.’  Ironic, yes.  Surprising, no.

Do not get distracted by the fun satirical bent that makes easy fodder for memes, late night talk and the such.  America is at a precipice point and balance can only tip toward progress and decency with focused resolve and staying relevant to the issues.  If someone is being dirty, clean them out.