In Major F* You To TikTok Users, Trump Announces He Is Banning All Americans From Using the App August 1st, 2020

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Trump Gets the Last Laugh Against TikTok and First Amendment Users

After a handful TikTok users allegedly conspired to help ruin Trump’s maskless Tulsa, Oklahoma, rally where Herman Cain did not wear a mask and caught Covid and died, the United States president has held a grudge and vowed to find a way to shut down the app.

Trump is planning to make good on his promise and completely shut the Chinese-owned app down starting August 1st, 2020.  Americans will be cut off from the application, Trump flexing his financial presidential powers that allows him to do so.

While many have been critical of China possibly censoring videos critical of China, watchdogs also warn that shutting down a popular social media app for what appears more reasons of vendetta under the faux-cover of ‘trade war’ is implicit corruption and an attack on the first amendment.  A good number of content creators have made satire videos with a political bent aimed at the misgivings of the Trump administration.  Regardless, Trump plans the shutdown to start as soon as Saturday and not to be lifted until the application’s servers and data is under his control in America.