Gabrielle Union Reportedly Told Hairstyles Were Too Black, Now Upset For Some Reason

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New reports show that America’s Got Talent judge Gabrielle Union was let go from the show because ‘allegedly’ NBC wanted her to wear less black hairstyles.

Now, she and husband Dwayne Wade are purportedly fussy and making a media shindig out of this.  Now we can just ‘Agree to Disagree’ right here, but NBC is right if that what was said and the onus of responsibility for an employee is to fit company protocols!

There is nothing wrong with an employer requesting their staff have a nice set perm or perhaps removing outlandish weavery if it makes the audience more comfortable.

Most Americans work jobs that go from 9am to 5pm.  I don’t see anyone rallying a crusade against employers for enforcing work hours that are part of America’s Puritan heritage.  As such, not wanting Shenanay outfits onstage is a more than reasonable request.

Agree to disagree, but deep down you know it is the truth.