Is It Time For President Trump To Nuke Hurricane Dorian In Its Tracks?

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Hurricane Dorian is on a clear warpath to America, with the National Weather Service estimating the storm’s strength to already be a category 3 and building strength to a category 4.

Since the Puerto Rican government refused to do anything to help slow down the hurricane, it is up to America to once again look out for itself.

Earlier in the week, while the hurricane was near Puerto Rico, the United States had a great opportunity to nuke Hurricane Dorian and to slow it down.  International groups protested because they fear nuclear power, but the strength and devastation from a hurricane can be even more disastrous.

New models posited by the scientific community estimate that the nuclear winds from a detonated bomb can counteract the swirl of a raging storm.

There are liberal scientists who argue that nuking a hurricane is preposterous, but yet again scientists also once thought it would be preposterous to have a computer with more than 640k of ram.