Free Wifi St Starbucks?: Conditioning America For Socialist Takeover

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Are restaurants like Starbucks promoting socialism in America when they give out free WiFi?

The answer is yes.

In recent months, America has been victimized by the growing popularity of socialism.

As the greedily dangerous millenial generation and their younger followers grow into a liberally blind voting bloc, they demand outrageous entirlements:  Medicare after their retirement, equal pay for women anx uneducated, teachers and even waitresses, free college and free healthcare.

Despite how each of those demands reek of communism, the likes of Alexandria Olivia Cortez and Bernie Sanders are riding a red tide of energy from their Trotsky loving supporters to the voting booths.

How is it that America’s youth have turned their backs to good American rugged individualism and have as much American love as a redcoats soldier in 1776?

Free WiFi.

Liberal yuppy whole food eating and overpriced tea party drinkers represent 90% of voters younger than 30.  These people were conditioned and raised believing their most precious commodity — internet streaming to their overpriced Obama funded iPhone — is something owed to them.

So they waltz into Starbucks and clunk away, looking at cat based depravities on sites like Tender, or the Reddit Internet Front Page, where they also stock up and get indoctrinated with all sorts of socialist manifestos that they gleefully spread around on social media and support whichever politician repeats the same talking points.

This cycle can only be broken if all Americans are forced to realize that just like trying to get healthcare for free or food, the answer is NO!