People In India Are Now Worshiping Trump as a God

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Telegana, India – Residents of the Telangana state of India have officially listed United States President Donald Trump as a diety and now require residents to worship him as a god.

A practitioner and disciple of Trump, Bussa Krishna, demonstrates the ‘puja’ rituals that residents follow to carry out their daily worship of their new god.

Like many others, Krishna’s home has been updated to include a Shrine of Trump, which contains Trump’s photograph. Neighbors gather daily to pray to Trump. The followers of Trump continue to grow, as this local church has been meeting now for the past three years to worship Trump and receive his blessings.

Krishna revealed that some of his family tried to get him to deny worshiping Trump and to claim that he only did so because he has a mental illness.  Unlike Peter, Krishna reveals, he has not denied Trump and church continues to grow.  In six months, the village plans to build a Temple to Trump.