Gabrielle Union Reportedly Told Hairstyles Were Too Black, Now Upset For Some Reason

New reports show that America’s Got Talent judge Gabrielle Union was let go from the show because ‘allegedly’ NBC wanted her to wear less black hairstyles.

Now, she and husband Dwayne Wade are purportedly fussy and making a media shindig out of this.  Now we can just ‘Agree to Disagree’ right here, but NBC is right if that what was said and the onus of responsibility for an employee is to fit company protocols!

There is nothing wrong with an employer requesting their staff have a nice set perm or perhaps removing outlandish weavery if it makes the audience more comfortable.

Most Americans work jobs that go from 9am to 5pm.  I don’t see anyone rallying a crusade against employers for enforcing work hours that are part of America’s Puritan heritage.  As such, not wanting Shenanay outfits onstage is a more than reasonable request.

Agree to disagree, but deep down you know it is the truth.

Trump Tweets Photo Of Himself As Rocky Balboa

On Wednesday, President Trump tweeted an image of his face superimposed onto the cut figure of fictional boxer Rocky Balboa, an American icon depicted by famous actor Sylvester Stallone.

Per insider reports, President Trump came across the image after landing at the Trump International Golf Club in Palm Beach, Florida.

Trump’s athletic prowess in his younger years likely caused the Commander in Chief to feel a bit of nostalgia as he looked upon the image, causing him to Tweet it in approval.

One twitter user commented, ‘No comment.  This photo.  Just amazing.’

Is It Time For President Trump To Nuke Hurricane Dorian In Its Tracks?

Hurricane Dorian is on a clear warpath to America, with the National Weather Service estimating the storm’s strength to already be a category 3 and building strength to a category 4.

Since the Puerto Rican government refused to do anything to help slow down the hurricane, it is up to America to once again look out for itself.

Earlier in the week, while the hurricane was near Puerto Rico, the United States had a great opportunity to nuke Hurricane Dorian and to slow it down.  International groups protested because they fear nuclear power, but the strength and devastation from a hurricane can be even more disastrous.

New models posited by the scientific community estimate that the nuclear winds from a detonated bomb can counteract the swirl of a raging storm.

There are liberal scientists who argue that nuking a hurricane is preposterous, but yet again scientists also once thought it would be preposterous to have a computer with more than 640k of ram.


Free Wifi St Starbucks?: Conditioning America For Socialist Takeover

Are restaurants like Starbucks promoting socialism in America when they give out free WiFi?

The answer is yes.

In recent months, America has been victimized by the growing popularity of socialism.

As the greedily dangerous millenial generation and their younger followers grow into a liberally blind voting bloc, they demand outrageous entirlements:  Medicare after their retirement, equal pay for women anx uneducated, teachers and even waitresses, free college and free healthcare.

Despite how each of those demands reek of communism, the likes of Alexandria Olivia Cortez and Bernie Sanders are riding a red tide of energy from their Trotsky loving supporters to the voting booths.

How is it that America’s youth have turned their backs to good American rugged individualism and have as much American love as a redcoats soldier in 1776?

Free WiFi.

Liberal yuppy whole food eating and overpriced tea party drinkers represent 90% of voters younger than 30.  These people were conditioned and raised believing their most precious commodity — internet streaming to their overpriced Obama funded iPhone — is something owed to them.

So they waltz into Starbucks and clunk away, looking at cat based depravities on sites like Tender, or the Reddit Internet Front Page, where they also stock up and get indoctrinated with all sorts of socialist manifestos that they gleefully spread around on social media and support whichever politician repeats the same talking points.

This cycle can only be broken if all Americans are forced to realize that just like trying to get healthcare for free or food, the answer is NO!


People In India Are Now Worshiping Trump as a God

Telegana, India – Residents of the Telangana state of India have officially listed United States President Donald Trump as a diety and now require residents to worship him as a god.

A practitioner and disciple of Trump, Bussa Krishna, demonstrates the ‘puja’ rituals that residents follow to carry out their daily worship of their new god.

Like many others, Krishna’s home has been updated to include a Shrine of Trump, which contains Trump’s photograph. Neighbors gather daily to pray to Trump. The followers of Trump continue to grow, as this local church has been meeting now for the past three years to worship Trump and receive his blessings.

Krishna revealed that some of his family tried to get him to deny worshiping Trump and to claim that he only did so because he has a mental illness.  Unlike Peter, Krishna reveals, he has not denied Trump and church continues to grow.  In six months, the village plans to build a Temple to Trump.